Paper about traffic leaks by VPN apps in Wi-Fi hotspots at IEEE ICC 2021

15. June 2021

At the virtual conference IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2021 Christian Burkert is presenting the paper “Analysing Leakage during VPN Establishment in Public Wi-Fi Networks” today.

Christian Burkert and co-authors Johanna Ansohn McDougall, Hannes Federrath and Mathias Fischer have analysed how personal VPN apps on different operating systems (iOS, Andoid, Windows, …) behave when operated in an open Wi-Fi hotspot with a captive portal. The analyses found serious problems with almost all apps. Either deadlocks occur, which prevent a VPN setup and thus secure surfing, or there is even unintentional disclosure of data traffic.

The proceedings of the conference are published by IEEE. A manuscript version is available here.